How it works

SPARQ generates new leads by using the power and reach of social media. Through POST, SHARE, and ENGAGE tools, your dealership is promoted, and recent customers easily promote their milestone event while helping you grow your leads.

SPARQ - Step 1 - Post content


When a customer purchases a car, the salesperson uses the SPARQ app to take a photo or video. It’s then sent to the customer’s social timeline and shared with their network.

SPARQ - Step 2 - Share Content on Facebook and Twitter


Your customer’s friends and family are engaged by using the SPARQ app to vote or comment and help them win prizes from your dealership. Their key contact information is also sent to you for follow-up targeting

SPARQ - Step 3 - Engange content on Facebook and Twitter


Using the new leads generated from your customer’s social network, SPARQ takes your retargeting messages and puts them to work, and transforming a new audience into new customers at your dealership.

Leads = Customers

SPARQ captures the networks of your customers, allowing you to engage with new leads though retargeting banners and pre-roll videos, and transforming leads into customers.

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